This answer pertains to what happens during an in-person Biofield Tuning session (when the practitioner and client are in the same room). 
During an in-person Biofield Tuning session, the client lies fully clothed, face up, on a treatment table (much like a massage table) while the Biofield Tuning practitioner applies the handles of vibrating tuning forks to specific points on the client’s body. The practitioner also slowly moves tuning forks over the recipient’s body.
Clients will feel the difference in the vibration of the tuning forks depending on which spot is being touched. They will also hear how the sound of the tuning fork changes depending on where the fork is held over the body.
The practitioner works in towards the body from about 5-6 feet away, listening for noise in the signal and feeling for a sense of resistance. When they encounter an area of perturbation, they pause. The introduction of a coherent frequency into an area of incoherence causes the body to “auto-tune” itself, resulting in a a resolution of the noise and a releasing of the resistance held in relationship to it. The resistance or charge that was held in that particular area is then combed or swept back into circulation. This simple action creates targeted and immediate relaxation that can bring resolution to a wide variety of ailments.


Biofield Tuning is cumulative; every session builds on the one prior to it. Like chiropractic trains the bones to find their balanced relationship, Biofield Tuning trains the magnetic/electric system of the body to flow in a balanced, rhythmically harmonious way.
If a person has had long-term, extreme, non-beneficial inputs, it will take longer to achieve balance. Younger people respond more quickly than older people.
Generally, a minimum of three sessions is recommended to begin. Often, a presenting symptom can be cleared within three sessions. If there is no change in a condition after three sessions then it is likely that Biofield Tuning will not be able to help with that particular condition.

There are no age limits for receiving Biofield Tuning. However less is more with both seniors and children who generally should receive shorter sessions. Children between the ages of 2-6 can become very hyperactive after Biofield Tuning sessions.

Many Biofield Tuning Practitioners have reported that clients with conditions such as Parkinson’s, MS and diabetes have experienced relief in symptoms via Biofield Tuning treatments.
Please note, although Biofield Tuning works well for these conditions, DO NOT receive Biofield Tuning if you have cancer, are terminally ill, are pregnant or have a pacemaker.
Biofield Tuning recipients may experience a “detox response” after a session. This is completely normal and means the body is releasing stress and trauma. Generally, these symptoms pass within 1-3 days.
The following are possible symptoms of detox:
  • Fatigue
  • Waves of emotions – crying, being angry, sad
  • Loose stools
  • Exhaustion
  • Headaches and/or dizziness
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • In very rare instances – skin rashes, mucus, fevers, vomiting, excessive thirst
Yes. We view conditions such as depression and/or bipolar disorder as tonal imbalances rather than chemical imbalances, and therefore can be readily addressed with Biofield Tuning.
For example, during a Biofield Tuning scan a bipolar person will exhibit “high tones” that manifest themselves as anxiety and mania, as well as “low tones” associated with depression, but their mid-tone range will be absent. In such cases, the Practitioner will use Biofield Tuning to quiet the high tones and lift the low tones which in turn will strengthen the mid-tone range. This gives the recipient the opportunity to experience a more balanced state.
Yes. The following is a list of specific situations or conditions that Biofield Tuning should not be used in conjunction with:
  • Cancer
    • Detox pathways are often too compromised and the body doesn’t have the resources to manage the process
    • Detox can be severe
    • Tumors seem to be irritated by tuning
  • Terminal illness
    • Body systems are compromised and do not have capacity to digest energy
    • Detox can be severe
  • End-of-life
    • Tuning forks are too strong for the system
    • Detox can be severe
  • Pregnancy
    • Could potentially send client into detox
    • Risk for miscarriage
  • Pacemaker or other implanted medical devices
    • Tuning forks could interfere with these devices
  • Recent concussions
    • Brain is swollen and takes a while for inflammation to resolve
    • Wait at least 3 months before doing a tuning on the head, 6 months is even better
  • Morbid obesity
    • Not necessarily contraindicated, but can create profound detox
    • Suppressed emotions held in fat cells
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