The most meaningful gifts come from the heart. As I take action in creating my heart’s desires, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you!

It is a real privilege, to be of service and to join you on your journey. A service that I greatly treasure.

I hope the information in these (downloadable) gifts serve you with fresh energy that will advance your health.

Click on any title to download your gift.

Much Love and Gratitude. Vibrance

Lymph At A Glance

Take a quick look at your lymphatic system. Affirm: I AM HEALTHY

Quick Look: Far Infrared Detox

Understand the fundamental concepts of detoxing and its importance. Affirm: I AM WORTHY

Love Our Planet

Read the heartfelt words of Chief Seattle and get inspired. Written in the early 1850's

Bath Recipes

*Serenity Bath Support is a proprietary blend of salts comprised of 21 beneficial minerals and selenite crystals. It is all natural and without any scent. Get your bath recipes. Affirm: I AM FABULOUS


Cymatics is the study of sound and vibration made visible. Affirm: I AM GRATEFUL

Understand the benefits the lying on warm Amethyst and tourmaline crystals found in the Biomat verses the heat of a regular heating pad. 


Read how the Quantum Pad’s 18 special ingredients support the body’s cell membrane.

Affirm: I AM OPEN  

This 10 page pdf represents a unique and rare collection of African Americans inventors dating from 1845-1980. During a time when African Americans had little to no rights which made entering into contractual and legal agreement very difficult if not impossible.

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