It’s Your Amazing Journey!

I am a cooperative component

     in service to your well-being.



I’m a city girl with country roots. I was born in central North Carolina and raised just outside of New York City. I’ve always had an innate desire to learn more, be more, to reach further and to help others. Today, I help people like you, to connect with their WHOLENESS and to release old patterns that no longer serve them.

One of the questions I’m often asked is,  How on earth did you get started with all of this?

My choices, my experiences and yes my challenges, all led me to stand more fully in my present truth.  As a single parent, I moved from the U.S. to the coast of Spain with my young son, then to Paris and Holland, in order for us to experience different perspectives. I’ve earned two degrees, one of which provided me a half-year trek in Ghana, West Africa, to conduct field research as an ethnomusicologist. Over the years, I’ve completed many holistic workshops and trainings and achieved many scholarships, awards and certificates. However, my most recent interest has been incorporating  Biofield Tuning with the other modalities I offer.

During my journey, like many of you, I experienced powerful clearings with major releases that served my growth and opened new doors to life. All the while, as I travelled and explored this world, my inner world continued to expand as well. My inner challenges became journeys, too. I grew from seemingly insurmountable circumstances, where every aspect of my life seemed as if it was crumbling right before my eyes. I realized that what was peering through, was a shiny new me. It is because of my transformative journey with health, finances, housing and spiritual expansion, that I now joyously choose to co-create with you.

I believe bodies are magical beyond our comprehension.

That includes honoring how you can show up more fully, to regain alignment, to feel the well-being of all your parts. I believe we are integral to creating our experiences, that we are vibrational beings, living and responding to subtle wave interactions. Have you ever felt someone’s vibes?  Most of us have. Your subtle body’s energies, i.e., meridians, chakras and your toroidal field (the human energy field), provide its own roadmap for greater health.

Most importantly, I believe that we are the bringers of the Light and we have the power to change our health, our lives and circumstances. By doing so, we change the world.

Which brings me to you….

I’m here to serve. Your Vibrant Health is built on a bedrock of love, a passion for what’s possible and a commitment to be an unstoppable force for good. I truly believe that your current journey is the greatest journey of all. It is where you stand in your ever present, ever powerful NOW. It is where you can effectuate change, to start peeling away layers to experience the heart of your personal truth.


It brings me joy to assist you on your journey with these effective tools for transformation:  Biofield Tuning, (Remote Sessions Available), Crystal Light Therapy,  Far Infrared Sauna and Biomat®.  These vibrational therapies are designed to release, receive and restore your subtle energies to support your holistic well-being.

Whether you are seeking an alternative approach to health or looking for unique, non-medical therapeutic methods for maintaining your health, I’m here to meet you where you are and to co-create the next version of your beautiful vibrant self!

What Others Are Experiencing
Experience a gentle approach with deep results. ~ Vibrance 

“ In my healing sessions with Vibrance, she used Biofield Tuning to address stressful experiences that had been stored in my body and energy field. These stresses occurred during gestation and my forceps birth, as well as in my teens. Even though these Biofield sessions were quite gentle in nature, I immediately noticed a major shift in my personal well-being, including a renewed sense of energy, harmony and balance. It is clear to me that her work with subtle energies is deeply transformational. Vibrance is a wise, talented healer with a big-hearted presence that feels restorative in its own right. I am grateful to her for offering her healing gifts to the world.”
Mark M., MSc
Holistic Nutritionist, Author and Health Coach
““While I was receiving the Crystal Light therapy, I felt I was being worked on, physically, around the left eye. I was aware of energy circulating and moving around my body’s lower right side, just below my ribs. I had a sense that I could see light, feel light. After the session I felt more centered and relaxed….more spacious.””
Lorrain L.
Lay Minister, LMBT, Certified Practitioner of Trager, HeartMath®, Reiki Master, Rising Star, Arcing Light and LaHo-Chi
Biofield Tuning therapy worked extremely well for me. I knew right away that I needed this type of therapy to help with my shadow work, dealing with the old repressed traumas and some that knew were affecting me. Each session helped me become aware of certain blockages I had and what I needed to work on. During the sessions, I could feel the energy and literally hear the frequency changes as she approached and discovered blockages. I could hear the change in frequency, as the vibrations of the tuning forks cleared out the past traumas and brought energetic flow back to my body. I felt so amazing afterwards. And to this day, I see how it has influenced my mental health for the better and allowed me to expand my consciousness. Vibrance is such an amazing practitioner! ”
Veronica M. PhD
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